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Our Services

Brand Strategy & Crisis PR

We have rich resources and extensive connections with the media and businesses that allow our client’s potentials and corporate values gain proper exposure and reach a variety of Hong Kong and mainland investors.

Primary organizational formats include:

  • Media meetings
  • Coordinate media reporting groups
  • Investor road shows
  • Seminars with stock analysts and distinguished financiers
  • Management team interviews

Political PR & Media arrangements

We have a team of veteran media people and highly proficient writers, along with a well-established network within the Hong Kong and mainland Chinese government.  We can provide exclusive media interviews, political PR, and press releases conferences for various clubs in Hong Kong and people in the political and financial sector.

Primary organizational formats include:

  • Exclusive media interviews
  • Press release of strategic plans and development agenda
  • Proposals, scripts, and other planning materials
  • PR conferences
  • Management of social media platforms and press content

Traditional PR, Planning & Event Organization

We have organized hundreds of investment promotional events and have a vast experience in planning large scale government/corporate investment roadshows and corporate branding promotions.Through a robust event planning and public relations platform, we are able to provide public relations services with our year round information monitoring system, multi dimensional media resource, and professional planning consultant team. As a result, we are able to provide cost effective and quality service for enterprises. At the same time building positive public relations with the community, political field, investors, and media. Aiding and constructing an exceptional market image and prestige for our client.

Primary organizational formats include:

  • Government, corporate investment road show, and promotional events
  • Forum, seminar, and press conference
  • Cultural exchange, performance, and exhibitions
  • Club and festivity events
  • Professional Writing and Publishing
  • Photography, Video Production and Multimedia Design
  • Live Event Hosts and Guest Services
  • Advertisement Planning