A New Era and
A New Direction

About Us

People’s Communication & Consultant Company Limited is an advanced public relations consulting company. We are able to provide professional public relations consulting service to our clients by utilizing our strong media background and resources across various fields. Our service scope includes corporate brand image promotional plans, event planning, media relations, and exclusive news reports and publications just to name a few.

PCCCL possesses a team of experienced individuals with an global vision in mind, and is comprised of corporate professionals, members of acclaimed international PR agencies, and mainstream media experts. We have access to excellent resources and are experienced in working with businesses both locally and internationally. Our expertise covers areas such as international commercial practice, Chinese influenced business logic, and knowledge on contemporary political and economic trends.

We hope to maintain a long term partnering relationship with our clients and treat them as part of our own team. Our passionate and competent team members will be able to tailor-make quality public relations consulting services and the most effective promotional plans for them.  We ensure an improved prestige, popularity, brand image, social credibility, and social impact for our clients in the ever-changing environment.

Our Team

We are a team of professionals who are familiar with the political policies and cultures of both Hong Kong and mainland China. We also have experienced and complete talents in the media field as well as in the public relation planning industry; therefore we are able to deliver professional public relations consulting services to our clients.